Dig For the Details #2 Pls start here an open letter to Journalists.

For sometime now, main stream journalists have sidelined their honest investigative reporting and have been turning out CRAP journalistic pieces. Yes, we said it CRAP. No longer do they truly give time to what’s really happening but what they report on is what the sponsors of their organization want them to report on. Who are their sponsors?Just look at the commercials. So this letter is for them.

Dear Journalists, To avert us from noticing your sponsors and their lobbyists working to pass laws in governments, to erode our individual rights as well as to determine our medical care, we are aware that pharma has bought your employers and steered many of your colleagues to fabricate stories. To read your pieces is stomach turning, educationally mind numbing, and insulting. You chose your career to report, to be that part of society that tells other humans like you about the corruption that will hurt us all in one way or another. We at The Busy Mama Connect are calling you to put down your pieces of propaganda that you are trying to present as real reporting and really report.

You have spent months on behalf of your sponsors slinging dirt on President Trump , who stands in pharma’s way because he promised to appeal Obama care aka. (Cha Ching) The Affordable Care act, to lower drug costs (Cha Ching) , and to investigate the vaccines and the schedule of them given to children (Ching Ching Ching Ching) . All of this translates to loss of their money but more importantly the loss of power and if it starts here, it will spread.

Be bold and return to what made you go into journalism. We realize that it is not that easy and that you count on your salaries but if you don’t change how many of you are reporting, well there won’t be a profession to go to. More of your viewership are going out and doing the reporting that we expected from you and they are providing links to their stories to fact check ourselves.

This is just an opinion piece from the The Busy Mama Connect.

Dig For the Details #1

When journalism is trying to make you act impulsively, dig for the details. Read and research for yourself. .

What we are talking a lot about right now at The Busy Mama Connect is not only what pharma is up to and the funding of eroding our individual rights to determine our medical care but also the journalists that help them by only putting out pieces to mislead and inflame those that read their pieces.

Most recently with the Portland Killer and Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. With the Portland Killer, journalists quickly reported that the Portland Killer was a Trump Supporter -not true. Far from true, he was a Sanders and Stein reporter as this American citizen, who has called the media out on misleading statements.