Why you can NOT get injury compensation for the DPT from the Vaccine Court

Thought some may want to read this.. there are two links in what I wrote below.

https://www.clintonfoundation.org/blog/authors/donna-e-shalala Former Cabinet Member off Clinton Cabinet, Former Member of Clinton Foundation, Just happened to be that Secretary Donna Shalala and her department published final rules in the Federal Register (Vo. 60, No. 26 – Wed. Feb. 8, 1995) that effectively destroyed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. HHS’s action makes it impossible for most children injured or killed by DPT vaccine to receive compensation under the no-fault federal vaccine injury compensation program Congress set up nearly a decade ago as a non-adversarial alternative to lawsuits against drug companies and physicians. Her action took Away Compensation for DPT Injured Children.http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2017/08/back-to-the-future-shalala-takes-away-compensation-for-dpt-injured-children/
fyi.. Sids and autism mentioned on the vaccine insert.

From Vaccine Reaction.org, please go to their website to read all of it. Click here

You and your kids are $$$ signs to your doctors.

Vaccines and Dollar Signs

Maybe not all doctors are like this and fyi, this isn’t just Blue Cross. If your doctor or his staff is pushing vaccines just keep in mind doctors aren’t taught anything in medical school about vaccines only how to insert the needle. Yep, that is it! Later they learn from pharma sales people that vaccines are safe and effective. NOT! so when the last enticement is told to them, “Hey you can make x number of dollars, when you do this.” then they are in deep. 🙁 I agree very sad.

Educate yourself so you know what you know the truth and can’t be fooled!
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