Chicken Pox…. the Varicella vaccine

So after your child gets vaccinated for the chicken pox, does the doctor inform you of this?

PER the Chicken Pox FDA vaccine package insert….

Due to the concern for transmission of vaccine virus, vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid
whenever possible close association with susceptible high-risk individuals for up to six weeks following
vaccination with VARIVAX. Susceptible high-risk individuals include:
• Immunocompromised individuals;
• Pregnant women without documented history of varicella or laboratory evidence of prior infection;
• Newborn infants of mothers without documented history of varicella or laboratory evidence of prior
infection and all newborn infants born at <28 weeks gestation regardless of maternal varicella immunity So explain to me again how it is the un-vaccinated that are spreading the diseases you all fear?

My children can’t spread disease they never had…
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Vit K info – Amphastar (without consequences????)

from Marcella Piper-Terry
When a doctor tells you “We have a preservative free version,” he/she is referring to Amphastar, which has 10 milligrams of Polysorbate 80.
Please do not assume that because it is “preservative free” it is “safe.”
The photo below shows Amphastar and Hospira. These are two different products. Both are Vitamin K Injection, given to newborns. I encourage every expecting parent to research the rationale for this procedure and to determine the cost/benefit for your particular child. Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ video is a good place to start.
Here is the link:
What I want to point out is that Amphastar’s formulation contains Polysorbate 80 (MSDS: and propylene glycol ( Both are neuro-toxins.
In January 2016, The American College of Pediatricians issued a statement indicating their concern about the amount of Polysorbate 80 in the HPV vaccine and the increased risk of infertility from premature ovarian failure (POF). Each dose of Gardasil contains 50 mcg. of Polysorbate 80. Amphastar Vitamin K injection contains 200 TIMES the amount of Polysorbate 80, when compared to Gardasil. What do you suppose that is doing to the future fertility of our children? Polysorbate 80 is also used in research to increase the permeability of the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) – not a good thing when you are talking about babies whose BBB is already not completely impermeable.
Here is the link to the press release about Polysorbate 80 and POF:…/new-concerns-about-the-human-papil…
Hospira LOOKS like (from this photo) it contains 100 mcg of aluminum. It does not. The label reads “no more than 100 mcg of aluminum per LITER.” Each dose is .5mL (1/2 milliliter). There are 1,000 mL in 1 Liter.
ALUMINUM is NOT the problem. The problem with Hospira is that it contains 9 mg. benzyl alcohol, which damages the liver and contributes to the high frequency of infants who develop jaundice within two days of birth.
What IS VERY interesting about this is that the Hospira vial contains the information about aluminum at all. That’s because aluminum is limited in injectables to 5mcg/kg of body weight because at higher doses it causes kidney failure and brain damage. The information on the Vitamin K Injection is there because it is NOT a vaccine. Vaccines are somehow exempt from the rule about aluminum in other injectables.
Here’s another interesting tidbit…
At 100 mcg/L, you would have to inject TWO AND A HALF LITERS of the Hospira Vitamin K to reach the same level of aluminum that IS injected on the first day of life when an infant receives the Hepatitis B vaccine.
EDIT: The Hospira Package Insert does not list Aluminum among the ingredients; however, there is a warning on page 3 of the insert about the fact that it does contain aluminum. (This is because it is given to very low birth weight babies with poor kidney function, and all sources of aluminum are supposed to be carefully tracked. They just exempt the vaccines from the total calculated.)
Here is the link to the Hospira Package Insert:

The History on Polio: Era 1950s

During mid-April of 1955, about 400,000 people—mostly schoolchildren—in the U.S. were vaccinated with the Salk vaccine manufactured by Cutter Laboratories. It turns out that more than 200,000 of these children, living in five western and midwestern states (Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico), were injected with vaccines “in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective.” The Cutter-produced vaccines ended up causing 40,000 cases of polio. It severely paralyzed 200 children and killed 10.


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Here’s What the CDC says about Aluminum in Vaccines

And there you have it.

From The CDC:
Vaccines as they are administered according to the CDC’s Schedule have not been studied for safety or efficacy.

The amount of aluminum injected into infants has never been studied for safety.

If we have any further questions, we are advised to ask Paul Offit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.