You and your kids are $$$ signs to your doctors.

Vaccines and Dollar Signs

Maybe not all doctors are like this and fyi, this isn’t just Blue Cross. If your doctor or his staff is pushing vaccines just keep in mind doctors aren’t taught anything in medical school about vaccines only how to insert the needle. Yep, that is it! Later they learn from pharma sales people that vaccines are safe and effective. NOT! so when the last enticement is told to them, “Hey you can make x number of dollars, when you do this.” then they are in deep. šŸ™ I agree very sad.

Educate yourself so you know what you know the truth and can’t be fooled!
Click here to visit : Learn the founded by Brandy Vaughn. She is a former sales rep for Merck and a whistleblower. Check out her site!

Does the Dtap/Tdap work? No.

Diptheria hasn’t been seen in decades, it isn’t because of the vaccine but better sanitation and hygiene.

Tetanus ? If you have it, the shot won’t help you, it takes 3 weeks to take effect. If you have been confirmed that you have tetanus then you want the tentanus shot, —

Pertusis aka Whooping Cough is bacterial, always changing. Doctors have found out that you can shed it (not knowing to others) because it remains in your throat for 28 days. Further because it is bacterial, it is ever changing, it really gives you no protection at all and it doesn’t give you any immunity either.

The largest outbreak was studied by Kaiser in 2010. They found that 81% of the people had either all their DTAP/TDAP doses, 10% had all doses but the last one and the remaining 9% didn’t have any doses at all. The 9% also had it less severe and ended up with something those with the dtap/tdap vaccine couldn’t get immunity.

Vitamin K

Vit K is an injection given to newborns to stop cranial bleeding. It is the only injection that infants receive that has a black box warning which means it can kill any infant.

Babies do not have clotting abilities when born, over the course of the first two weeks of life babies build them on their own. Is is really needed and warranted to give it to each an every infant? If we didn’t would babies be dying from cranial bleeds right and left? Check out the images and the links in the posts that follow. This is for information purposes only, do your own research.

vitamin k