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Judy Mikovits

JM Exposing … Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovitz, PhD: COVID-19 Likely Spread by Flu Shots Judy Mikovits: Plandemic Movie Features Controversial Researcher from

Corona Virus- Common Cold Virus

Update on the Corona Virus

These are links come from Doctor, an orthomolecular medicine site that was started by Andrew Saul and is maintained by Orthomolecular medicine doctors. If video is pulled by youtube, please […]

Pharma Meds

Got A Deathwish?

Got a Death Wish? Tamiflu can bring you closer to death than you ever thought. It’s original name is Oseltamivir, it has been around 10 years and it’s has a dirty deadly secret. It can […]

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Pharma Meds

Are You Kidding ??? #1 Excerpt “The drug, which costs $20,000 per year, can help reduce the risk of HIV infection by 97 percent when taken daily and combined with safer sex practices.” What is “really” doing something here??? […]

First Day of LIfe Vaccines

The New Hep B

Myocardial Infarction means heart attack. Note: This discussion about their vaccine concerns took place AFTER they voted to allow this vaccine to be released to the public. The post-marketing surveillance means they will be testing […]

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Marcela Piper Terry

Vaccines do not cause autism by Marcela Piper Terry

From Marcella Piper-Terry: Okay. I give up. Vaccines do not cause autism. Autism is a behavioral diagnosis. In order to receive the diagnosis of “Autism” a child must exhibit a certain number of behaviors over […]

Say No to the MMR and the MMR-V

Measles is…

MEASLES IS A CHILDHOOD ILLNESS AND NOT CHILDHOOD DISEASE CHANCES OF DYING OF MEASLES – .01% – 1950’s CHANCES OF VACCINE INJURY – 7% – 2016 *Your children are 700% more likely to get vaccine […]

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

A Little History About Rubella..

A little Rubella history and a rhetorical question. What happens when the live rubella vaccine virus is shed from a vaccinated person, and from breast milk? From Merck’s package insert. “Excretion of small amounts of […]

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Marcela Piper Terry

Amphastar – Vitamin K

The “cleaner version” of the Vitamin K Shot has 200 times the amount of Polysorbate 80 compared to one dose of Gardasil “My doctor told me there is a “cleaner version” of the Vitamin K […]

Marcela Piper Terry

Marcella Piper Terry- Researcher, Activist. Writer, Speaker

Marcella Piper-Terry is an independent researcher, writer, speaker and activist. Marcella is the founder of, which began in 2011 to inform parents of their legal right to exemptions from vaccination. Since then, the website […]

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Polio and the Polio Vaccines

Wallpaper containing DDT was a thing 70 years ago

We had so much invested in DDT, spraying it everywhere, adding it to everything, to admit that it was causing illness, and severe reactions was unthinkable. Polio was the fall guy. Read more here:Kansas farmer: […]

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Polio and the Polio Vaccines

It wasn’t really Polio, it was DDT poisoning..

It was not polio , it was DDT poison. If you Google “DDT trucks,” you will find a lot of different pictures like this.. they sprayed playgrounds & orchards with DDT (with children still playing […]

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