Amphastar – Vitamin K

The “cleaner version” of the Vitamin K Shot has 200 times the amount of Polysorbate 80 compared to one dose of Gardasil “My doctor told me there is a “cleaner version” of the Vitamin K shot.” The “cleaner version” is […]

Vit K info – Amphastar (without consequences????)

from Marcella Piper-Terry When a doctor tells you “We have a preservative free version,” he/she is referring to Amphastar, which has 10 milligrams of Polysorbate 80. Please do not assume that because it is “preservative free” it is “safe.” ___________________ […]

Vitamin K

Vit K is an injection given to newborns to stop cranial bleeding. It is the only injection that infants receive that has a black box warning which means it can kill any infant. Babies do not have clotting abilities when […]