If a nurse or doctor gets upset with you if you question vaccinations….

If a nurse or doctor gets upset with you if you question vaccinations, which is a medical procedure that they want to inject into your child, then they’re not in the medical field to help you. Fire them and walk out toxin free.
“Vaccine incentives to pediatricians. Facts: 1. There are about 4000 pediatricians in the USA. 2. Each pediatrician earns $400 per kid that is fully vaccinated. 3. There are 4 million babies born per year in the USA. 4. The average pediatrician therefore has 1000 infants per practice, giving an average “vaccination bonus” of $400,000 per pediatrician for getting all those kids fully vaccinated. 5. The pediatrician loses his bonus entirely if the number of vaccinated kids in his practice falls below about 65%, which would probably put him out of business. 6. Vaccines are a $40 billion business. 7. 4 million kids at a $400 bonus, is only a $1.6 billion payout scheme, easily affordable by the vaccine industry. 8. The bonus program is paid out not by the vaccine companies, but by the insurance companies, perhaps by proxy. 9. The vaccine bonus are probably illegal “kick backs”, which are one of the most common crimes prosecuted under the qui tam lawsuits that are mostly charged against the medical industry for defrauding the government. 10. The entire vaccination industry is one big fraud. 11. Pediatricians are taught about 4 hours of instruction on vaccines, basically how to push them through falsely claiming they are “safe and effective” despite the lack of science behind vaccines. They don’t read any of the science, and they have zero incentive to not push them.” – Jason Hommel