Hero Kary Mullis – PCR creator for what he did before his death.

Kary Mullis said it repeatedly that his creation, the PCR would be misused by others.
He didn’t get to see how it was used for Covid dying 2 1/2 mos before Gate’s Event 201 movie but considering he repeatedly told people over and over what it does, we think he would have stopped the Scamdemic right at its start. At the BMC we call him a hero because those public clips are opening people’s eyes to the sham covid was. Thank you Kary!

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Sweden Says PCR Tests “Cannot Be Used To Determine Whether Someone Is Contagious”
Sweden Says PCR Tests “Cannot Be Used To Determine Whether Someone Is Contagious
The Facts:The Swedish Public Health agency has a notice on their website explaining how and why polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are not useful in determining if someone is infected with COVID or if someone can transmit it to others.

Covid PCR test reliability doubtful – Portugal judges