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Bill Gates 1

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Judy Mikovits

JM Exposing … Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovitz, PhD: COVID-19 Likely Spread by Flu Shots Judy Mikovits: Plandemic Movie Features Controversial… read more Judy Mikovits

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DR. Atsuo Yanagisawa MD Phd

Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD – Riordan Clinic

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Update on the Corona Virus

These are links come from Doctor, an orthomolecular medicine site that was started by Andrew Saul and is maintained… read more Update on the Corona Virus

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Child Dies After Tamiflu, Main Stream Media (NBC) lies.

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New Section- Bills attempting to become law in Florida- Mandatory Wellness Checks

This one is in Florida – Mandatory Yearly Wellness Checks for Teens to not only be physical exams.

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Got A Deathwish?

Got a Death Wish? Tamiflu can bring you closer to death than you ever thought. It’s original name is Oseltamivir,… read more Got A Deathwish?

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Are You Kidding ??? #1 Excerpt “The drug, which costs $20,000 per year, can help reduce the risk of HIV infection by 97 percent… read more Are You Kidding ??? #1

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How the New Adult Hep B Vax was approved to the Schedule.

This is how brand new vaccines are approved to the pediatric immunization schedule. Basic dialogue before they voted: Q: Is… read more How the New Adult Hep B Vax was approved to the Schedule.

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The New Hep B

Myocardial Infarction means heart attack. Note: This discussion about their vaccine concerns took place AFTER they voted to allow this… read more The New Hep B