Crispr- New Gene Editing aka GMO by another name..

A HUGE REASON TO KNOW what you are Eating!

RNA editing: trypanosomes rewrite the genetic code.

Gene Editing- A new form of GMOs –

One of its names>> Crispr.

Scientists take 2 lines of RNA Code and put it into the object of gene editing.

How Gene Editing Could Ruin Human Evolution

What is wrong with this? The recipient of this food is not aware that the RNA code can influence the recipient’s DNA. And if the recipient hasn’t yet or is procreating, this can affect the genes being passed on to the children.

It can turn on genes and turn off genes and they don’t know what it will do and how much, they just know the recipient’s own dna will be influenced.

So there is a nonbrowning apple called the Artic Apple, there is the Inate Russett potato, there is the pink fleshed pineapple, there is the golden rice with Vit A, there is a banana being tested a college in the north (I don’t recall while typing this which one), there is a corn by a company in San Diego that makes you sterile and it is not reversible and now there is a low fat pig.

This is Gene Editing, a form of GMOs and they don’t know the extent of what damage it can do- Are you willing to take the risk.. ? It is coming to the places you eat, and grocery stores, Demand Unedited, NonGmo, Organic Food.

Scientists playing God again, I bet they aren’t touching it, will you???

RNA editing: trypanosomes rewrite the genetic code.