First Day of LIfe Vaccines,  Say No to HEP B,  Vaccine - Made up Safety and Effectiveness

The New Hep B

Myocardial Infarction means heart attack.

Note: This discussion about their vaccine concerns took place AFTER they voted to allow this vaccine to be released to the public.

The post-marketing surveillance means they will be testing this vaccine on the public at large, to see if people start dropping like flies.

To put everyone at ease, they also plan to give this to pregnant women and they’ll include a separate pregnant women registry to see if they die too…or if their babies die.

Americans are truly the guinea pig test subjects for the world.

In another ACIP meeting it was discussed that America needs to first pass these vaccines so the rest of the world can eventually follow. Which means that they are blindly passing vaccines on to test Americans so that other countries can see if they are safe or not. They all want to wait and watch so they’ll know if Americans will start dying from this vaccine.

My question to you is…as an American which one of you signed up to be a guinea pig test subject for the world?

If you were in the military and fought for our freedoms, did you realize that included that your loved ones at home would be tested on by Big Pharma without their informed consent?

How many people realized that Americans are the world’s test subjects?