A Little History About Rubella..

A little Rubella history and a rhetorical question. What happens when the live rubella vaccine virus is shed from a vaccinated person, and from breast milk? From Merck’s package insert. “Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus […]

Amphastar – Vitamin K

The “cleaner version” of the Vitamin K Shot has 200 times the amount of Polysorbate 80 compared to one dose of Gardasil “My doctor told me there is a “cleaner version” of the Vitamin K shot.” The “cleaner version” is […]

Lucky Charms

Harmful if swallowed……… but permitted in your food, which you swallow!! You might want to start paying closer attention! (And researching ingredient labels!) Not to mention everything else on that ingredient list is proven to decrease human health on all […]

Epicyte Gene-

Be careful what you eat.. Read the photo’s caption. The Guardian/Science/Sept 2001 Holistic Health Living-Why Do some GM Crops Contain the Epicyte Gene? HuffPost-GMO Food For Dinner-What? Depopulation Corn- GM Corn>>Rising Infertility