Pandemic? Plandemic? Scamdemic?

Covid Image from Gate’s Plandemic Nov 2019. A movie about a pandemic with the corona virus.

Prior to a week before  the lockdown, Media hardly gave China time. It was almost like they were waiting to use it. It fit in  right after the impeachment and the Oscars so one week before the lockdown. Pharma took a big hit with the Oxycontin judgement and they just lost big in removing all exemptions kids could have and still go to school in a specfic city. Trenton.   Significance- Washington fought the red coats back at Tr.enton and changed the direction of the Revolutionary War.  Pharma and pharma friends were not at all happy with the current President


Something fishy.  These are all flags that  something isn’t right.  Pretty much all this happened in the first 2 weeks. 

1.Media sounds an alarm on China as if  As IF China is a neighboring country to the United States. In past outbreaks, media has given China outbreaks very little time.

2..Media announces lightening speed spread and numbers steeply inclining with numbers changing hourly, Their describe overwhelmed hospitals and people dropping in the streets.  No dated images.  No identifying markers.  Video shown shows people in masks however, in cities such as Wuhan,  masks are part of daily life because of the air pollution from the incinerator.

3..It wasn’t what they were saying, it was what they were not saying. Reporting is lacking

4. Media fails to mention that not all of China wasn’t affected the same way. Cities in southern part of the country are not affected at all.

5. Media fails to mention that Wuhan is one of the most polluted cities in China and air quality was poor due to the very oversized incinerator, and people who lived closest to it had chronic lung infections.

6.Media  fails to mention that they massed vaxxed the country with a flu shot and pneumonia shots starting in early November 2019 that completed  in December 2019,

7.Media fails to mentioned that they turned on 5G all across the country.

8.. When Italy is mentioned..  again it is what was not mentioned.

9.Northern Italian has pollution levels similar to Wuhan.  Northern Italy has a high percentage of workers from Northern China.

10. Italy’s numbers are only numbers from hospitals and included all illnesses. Italy corrected reported numbers stating that those with covid was really like 12%..

11.. Neil Ferguson & The Contagion Model.  Full name  The Gates Contagion Model developed by London Imperial College well funded by Bill Gates. (<<< Remember that)  Red Flag! Ferguson

12. Media announces we are locking down. They direct people stock up recommends toilet paper and water?  Makes no sense.. none.. If this was a stomach flu, TP makes sense but a corona virus is respiratory.  Water- why water? Media tells us to stock up on water incase of an earthquake which didn’t occur.  In addition was our city water system potentially in danger?? Answer No.
They fail to mention the lockdown is an experiment. I didn’t know this at the time but then I never recalled this to happen in my lifetime. This was shared by the frontline doctors a month after.

13. Testing.. Media reports more people are testing postitive.. testing testing testing.  There was no test so what test were people taking?? Test used announced PCR.   PCR- not a medical diagnostic, when incorrectly used provides exceptionally high false positives, can’t tell the difference between two strains or what is alive or dead fragments of RNA code.

14. Celebs starting with Tom Hanks and Wife, Rita announce they test positive. Statement is announced like the birth of a baby,  a marriage, or even a divorce. Less well known celebs are quick to join with announcements.

15. Reported  Sudden Overwhelmed Hospitals.  Media provided no visual evidence to back it up and locally people are visiting and not able to confirm it. Will get back to this later.  Note: This was done a few years back with the flu.  < a href=””>How to Tell This Years Flu Hysteria is All Hype</a>

16. The virus gets a make over.  Media went from calling a seasonal cold winter virus known as corona to Covid 19.  The image for the virus is from Gates’s movie called Plandemic shown in a private showing  in New York in Nov 2019.

17. Gates resigns from two boards that he sits on.  Things come to mind during this announcement. He isn’t a medical doctor, he has a fascination with ” vaccines”, he is the third in line of a family that believes strongly in eugenics.  He sees it his responsibility that the earth needs to be depopulated asap  and his interest in vaccines hides his actual motive.  Oh boy now things are connecting.

18. Gates makes the media rounds.  Did you ever notice that he actually appears on things with no friends??He also has the money to pay off industries to do what he wants them to do.

19.Repeated individuals. Fauci, Birx, and Redfield.

20. Frontline doctors in increasing numbers are publicly stating that they are not seeing what has been predicted by the model.

21. Many of the hospital deaths were caused by doctors  not the virus by the doctors not providing correct treatment and continuing with incorrect treatment.

22. Sick people were being moved into nursing homes where the more vulnerable live. Federal guidelines were not followed by 5 primary Governers . There were 7, but investigations are on 5.

23. Nurses that came from other cities to help the crowded smaller hospitals in other areas like New York were reporting on social media the number of things that they were seeing that made absolutely no sense.  Many state they expected several hospitals and that didn’t match up.

24. The large majority of hospitals were not overwhelmed at all.

25. Hospitals were putting people on leave.

26.  ABC, CBS took footage from an Australian channel that did a segment on Italy, renamed that the tape was from a NY hospital, and took make it worse gave two hospital names.

27 CBS staged a testing site and  used their staffers to make it look like they had a line.   ( Project Veritas)

28. CBS had a segment stating that we were witnessing someone being intubated.  Person was a mannequin.  Painted hair, visible mechanic joints.

29. CDC  tells coroners not to do autopsies.  Every person that dies with covid but died from something else is recorded as died from covid.  In addition because of the CARES act, the virus was monetized.  Every person that is found positive ( true or false), every person that gets treatment for the virus, every person that dies from it- the hospital receives X amount of dollars  that can total to approximately 50K

30. Well respected doctor and Senator in Wisconsin is threatened  with losing his license because he won’t do #29.

31.  Doctors that own a chain of urgent care places in various parts of California, call a press conference and announce that they are not seeing what they were told to expect.  Their interview by a local news channel quickly had over a million views and was pulled by youtube.

32. Sen. Adam Schiff again asks social media to censure social media posting on Covid so people start calling it Cofeefee  and making statements in media to make sure it gets shared.

33.  Celebs brag how they are handling the lockdown forgetting many are now out of job and have no money.

34. Harry and Megan move to California in the middle of the lockdown with a baby! Makes sense to bring the most vulnerable right?

35. The ships that Trump sent on the west and east coast to assist with overflow saw less than 200 people.  Similar reports for the online units placed in states that were not on either coasts.

36. The massive grave site in NY is something ongoing and was not created for the corona virus.

37. Fauci frequently walked back on his public statements.

38.  Shared- CDC inflated flu numbers in 2001  combining the flu numbers with pneumonia numbers making the flu worse.

39. Shared Sheryl Atkinson report on 2009.  CDC stopped early on counting flu numbers but publicly kept increasing them.

40. Discovered CDC  (2020) combined covid numbers with flu and pneumonia. The lowest number is the covid number.

41.  WH asks all states to send their numbers to the WH directly and not to the CDC.

42. States start dropping their numbers and state that they were correcting mistakes. States start removing deaths not caused by covid at all.

43. Still many with no first person contact with someone that had covid for most.


Just recently.. the CDC admits that they never isolated or identified the virus, they never had it.

Just recently the CDC admitted the PCR just  magnifies  and provides a high percent of false  positives.


You are probably asking why are we wearing these damn masks. Well there is no sign that they work.  Right after Newsom spent a billion dollars to get masks from China and continues to do so, it was another he is up to something.  There is actually a manufacturer of masks here but he buys them from a company in a different industry in China.. Masks are imaginary protection, they show others you are complying , they show obedience, they show fear..

There is no law to wear a mask, Newsom can’t even give an order for us to wear them.. If you go to his E.Os , and click it , it will take you Public Health site where its is strongly recommended.   People don’t read.. we have to wake up more.  Govt is harassing businesses to comply..




Players in what I conclude to be Scamdemic aka PCRdemic are


Neil Ferguson=

Dr. Birx –

Dr. Redfield

Dr. Fauci

Bill Gates -NOT A Doctor or Medical Expert

WHO leader Dr. Tedros  Ghebreyesus

Gov of Connecticut

Gov of New York

Gov of Michigan

Gov of California

Gov of  Washington



1.Neil Ferguson paid by Bill Gates created a fraudulent computer projected Gates- Contagion model which led to the lockdown. RSB and Jon Rappaport discuss it see attach.

After his big intentional oops. Ferguson resigned at Imperial College and now works for one of Bill Gates’s private companies.

Computer code for Prof Lockdown’s model which predicted 500,000 would die from Covid-19 and inspired Britain’s ‘Stay Home’ plan is a ‘mess which would get you fired in private industry’ say data experts Check out the link where it all started.. <a href=”” >Coronavirus-modelling-Professor-Neil-Ferguson-branded-mess-expert</a>

<a href=””>Fauci took projections to Ferguson</a>
<a href=””></a>

<a href=””/></a>

<a href=””></a>

Dr. Birx –

Dr. Redfield

Dr. Fauci

History on Fauci Why is Fauci still there.. ? Control over what he can do. possibly.

Dr. Judy is a victim of Fauci politics. Judy’s story uncovers the darkside of Fauci, you can see it here.. its 30 min. It’s toward the bottom

Bill Gates -NOT A Doctor or Medical Expert, College Drop Out. Bought a program with his mother’s money, hired another person to tweek it, then used his mother’s contacts to start his business. Got in trouble with the Govt violating anti trust laws, and then settled by creating the Gates Foundation. Since MS, he has become an expert in education with Common Core (cough cough epic fail), put millions of dollars into Monsanto to develop franken foods and promoted the wide use of glyphosate. His passion though is depopulating the earth of inferior individuals. Third generation, he believes vaccines will provide better health while weeding out the week. He has hurt and damaged people of all ages and races on multiple countries. for the last several years, his vaccine company has not taken one vaccine to market. He has invested in 7 labs to create a corona vaccine.His vaccine will have synthetic rna called MRNA think Monsanto GMOs and he intends for us all to have a tattoo chip below the skin that can not be removed and will have all our info including what we are doing and where we are.

WHO leader Dr. Tedros  Ghebreyesus


Warning from a provaccine doctor on the covid vaccine.. wow!