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Paxil by GSK caused suicides in trial..

“The cross examination of John Kraus continued yesterday and saw plaintiff attorney, Brent Wisner, (Baum Hedlund) highlight the deaths that occurred during GSK’s clinical trials of Paxil. For the benefit of the readers, and those who have been following this trial, I feel it is worthy of going through the individuals, if only to show them a mark of respect. Kraus maintains that these ‘subjects’ may have died as a result of their ‘underlying illness.’
The jury heard about the following suicides during Paxil clinical trials. All the subjects were taking Paxil at the time of their death.
Female, 56 – Suicide.
Unknown gender – 50 – Suicide by hanging.
Female, 42 – Suicide by overdose of doxepin.
Female, 18 – Suicide.
Female, 58 – Suicide by hanging.
Male, 24 – Unknown if it was suicide – Patient was hit by a train and killed
Male, 34 – Suicide
Female, 48 – Suicide
Female, 46 – Suicide by hanging.
Male, 54 – Suicide, jumped under a train.
Female, 67 – Suicide – on the fourth day of the study she threw herself out of a window.
Female, 32 – Suffocation due to vomiting.
Female, 33 – Suicide, jumped from 4th floor balcony.
Male, 65 – Suicide by an unknown method.
Male, 23 – Suicide.
Female, 31 – Suicide.
Unknown gender , 86 – Suicide by hanging.
Male, 46 – Suicide/Homicide – on December 14, 1998, the patient went to the home he shared with his estranged wife and shot her, he then turned the gun on himself.
Male, 40 – Suicide.
Male, 35 – Suicide (Shot himself)
Male, 19 – Suicide (Shot himself)
Female, 58 – Suicide by hanging.
My condolences to all their families.
There were also 40 suicide attempts during the Paxil clinical trials. Kraus was asked whether he ever sat down with any of those who tried to kill themselves while taking Paxil to ask them what they actually personally experienced?
Kraus answered, “No.”
On the deaths, Kraus was asked whether or not the majority were over the age of 30. He answered that “80% of them” (were over the age of 30)
Brent Wisner then looked at the judge, “No further questions, Your Honor.” He said.”

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