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Severe Flaws on the RT PCR ,The “Cofeefee” Test Being Used Around the World

Interesting.. First we have a guy with oodles of money made from a tech program that he actually bought not developed and became something because of ALOT of guidance from his mother. Little is it shared that he is the third generation eugenicist. << This is a person that wants to depopulate the world. WHO MADE HIM GOD? Then this person funds the school of the guy hired to create the first projection model, Neil Ferguson. He has so many blunders in his history, he was either the wrong person to choose for something so important OR the right person and could be bought to create a fraudulent contagion model.

This next person created the current test that is used for Cofeefee testing, Christian Drosden. He is connected to the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic that turned into.. well that is another story and will be continued on another page.

Check the information at the links below.

RT PCR and creator Drosden