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Whooping cough is a seasonal pesticide disease: a respiratory disease…..its symptoms are the body’s attempts to avoid breathing polluted air, and the body’s attempts to alert the community.

All countries who have ZERO pertussis have NO quarantine programs and NO SPRAY programs: all countries with pertussis have SPRAY programs and quarantine programs.

Jim West “Whooping Cough vs Pesticide Programs. California Counties” 2010

Whooping Cough Outbreaks in Vaxed Children More and More Frequent “The lesson of these outbreaks is that the modern medical paradigm is deeply flawed. Now it’s caught with its knickers down and no decent explanation, since those it claims to have protected are victims.” Heidi Stevenson 2011

“I was astonished and not a little perturbed to find that when you draw a graph of the death rate from whooping cough that starts in the mid nineteenth century, you can clearly see that at least 99 percent of the people who used to die of whooping cough in the nineteenth and early twentieth century had stopped dying before the vaccine against whooping cough was introduced, initially in the 1950s and universally in the 1960s.” I also realized that the reason the Department of Health’s graphs made the vaccine appear so effective was because they didn’t start until the 1940s when most of the improvements in health had already occurred, and this was before even antibiotics were generally available. If you selected only deaths in under-15-year-olds, the drop was even more dramatic – by the time whooping cough vaccine was part of the universal immunization schedule in the early 1960s all the hard work had been done. [2015] THE DOCTOR WHO BEAT THE BRITISH GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL BY PROVING THAT VACCINES AREN’T NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE HEALTH Dr Jayne Donegan