You can’t protect another person from pertusis. Say what?

Damn right! If you believe in your vaccinations, then they should be protecting you and if not, what does it say about them and the line”safe and effective” that you believed??

Excerpt from Levi’s blog post, he hits the nail on the head!

Here’s why: the pertussis vaccines do not contain pertussis bacteria. The Tdap and DTaP vaccines that were phased in during the 1990s don’t confer immunity to…Read more on his blog the link is below.

Who is Levi?? Check out who he is with his interview with Erin at Health Nut News. There is no point in summarizing or creating text when the Interview tells you all about him.

Erin at Health Nut News’s interview with Levi.

Link to Levi’s post on Pertussis. Leviquackenboss.wordpress.com